Since its foundation, B.Z.V’s target has been to provide a reliable, practical and comprehensive service to its customers, whether they are foundries and/or core shops.

The relationship with our customers over the years has transformed and shifted from a pure supplier / customer relationship into a genuine partnership between companies in full collaboration, aimed at a most challenging commercial policy of problem solving.

The identification of the most appropriate plant design solutions, both technically and economically, the analysis of the business plan and the issues related to it have become the strengthsof the company, together with decades of experience on all major Italian and foreign industrial contexts.

Thanks to an outstanding attention to the constant evolution of the processes marketed by leading European manufacturers of binders and to the continuous evolution of design, calculation and simulation systems, today BZV Srl is able to support each client and accompany him successfully towards the final goal.


The size of the company, a well-established network of partnerships with other high quality plant manufacturers, and the support of an equally important set of employees, suppliers and consultants have enabled B.Z.V. Srl to reach a successful and appreciated standard of quality. Thanks to its high quality products, B.Z.V. Srl has made constant progress and easily overcome serious sectoral crisis that were strong enough to cause the closure of many other companies in the foundry industry.

The firm will to maintain and develop within the company all the skills and expertise related to the type of production that the market demands as well as the perfect synergy with the company that represents and distributes our products worldwide have proved to be the two winning elements of our business philosophy.