Our roadmap

B.Z.V. Srl was formed in 1975 through the transformation of a metal carpentry company founded in the early 70s by a group of partners with training and professional experience developed in local metalworking companies.

Initially B.Z.V. Srl maintained the same production of the previous company but in the meantime started to focus on the study, design and production of a new line of machines and equipment for the preparation of cores with Cold-Box processes, whose market demand was beginning to rise rapidly at that time.

To develop and improve the new range of plant and machinery BZV started an intense collaboration with all major suppliers of binders and created an R&D department with an operating pilot plant where equipment and processes were tested. This research and development activity allowed the company to quickly develop a diverse range of products comprising single machines and equipment (such as mixers, gassing cabinets, gas generators, etc.) and complete turnkey plants, intended for different product sectors, all related however to the world of foundry The pilot plant was soon transferred to a new location and expanded to become an operating unit with 5 full-time manufacturing stations and a dozen employees.

However, the activity of the core-manufacturing department was complementary to the main activity of B.Z.V. Srl that was the development of machines and equipment for the foundry industry.
In the following years, the company's development also involved changes in the corporate structure that have allowed and guaranteed the future of the business.

40 years of History

In the early '80s B.Z.V. Srl started a partnership with the british company Baker & Perkins that resulted in a representation agreement for all countries in which the british company had been operating for many years. In 1984, Baker & Perkins’sector "foundry machinery" was sold and transformed into Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd, which started from that moment to distribute BZV products worldwide, except for Italy, in parallel with its line of equipment and plants.

The partnership between BZV and Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd has grown stronger over the decades and is still characterized by an increasingly tight collaboration, which allows the company to respond accurately to the most diverse customers’requests. The production of machinery and equipment for foundry industry has been constantly changing, following and sometimes anticipating both market trends and directives and standards introduced by the National Regulatory Authorities and the European Community. Over the years the production has been continually renewed with a focus on new technologies and has been further enhanced by the introduction of new models providing increasingly higher performances.

In recent years BZV designed, manufactured and activated fully automated installations, from the storage of raw materials, up to the automated warehouse of cores produced with a remote control and assistance system which is undoubtedly state-of-the-art in this branch of activity and will serve as reference for future installations.