Gas generator for Betaset process "GA 10 CEP/B"

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All the devices of the gas generator are enclosed into a three separate housing control station:
- control panel and electric components,
- pneumatic system and dosing pump for methylformate,
- hign performance electric heater,
The main features of these gas generators are the following:
- volumetric dosing pump for methylformate completely sealed magnetically driven with ADPE electric motor,
- inside the gas generator a special device enable to check the real quantity of methylformate that the dosing pump put into the core during the gassing cycle. 
- integral system of working pressure control with low pressure compressed air during the gassing phase and higher pressure compressed air increasing during the purge phase (both pressures are adjustable by separate controls) until the complete curing of the core,
- high performance heater for methylformate vaporization and purge air heating with adjustable set-point (max working temperature ofthe heater: 130°C) with new microprocessor controllers for work and safety temperature controls with P.I.D. function (Proportional + Integral + Derivative),
- main filter complete with double valve on inlet and outlet of methylformate to prevent foreign bodies into the dosing pump,
- control panel with Siemens S7 PLC and operator interface, with self-diagnostic fault finding facility and all necessary starters and controls to operate the gas generator,
- max weight of the core: Kg. 30,
- total power installed: 4 Kwatt,
- voltage supply: Volt 400 three phases,
- auxiliary voltage: 110 Volt/50 Hz,
- compressed air requirement: 1" gas (Min. press: 6 bar),
- utilization:1",
- multipolar electric connector for the connection of the gas generator with the coreshooter or the gassing chamber, and start stop pushbuttons for the manual control are available,
- 90 mm diameter connection for the air extraction (must be connected to an existing suction plant) to evacuate eventual vapor of amine and to prevent excess of temperature into the gas generator cabinet (min. extraction: 300 Ncm/h),
- overall dimensions: 900 mm x 900 mm x 1.850 mm.
- Gross weight: 230 Kg.

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