Gas generator for amine type “GA 200 2R/A”

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All the components of the gas generator are enclosed in a special cabinet divided into three different areas:
- Electric control panel,
- Sector dedicated to the pneumatic system and amine dosing pump,
- area dedicated to the purge air high-performance heaters,
The main features of this series of gas generators are:
Amine dosing pump hermetically sealed, with magnetic drive and explosion-proof electric motor,
- simple system which allows to control the amount of liquid amine dosed for the gassing of the core ,
- Complete system of regulation of the working pressures with low starting pressure (adjustable ) during all the gassing time (in this way the dosing pump can works properly) and subsequently the system increase the pressure value in order to reach the complete curing of the core. The final value and the speed of increasing of the purging pressure are both adjustable manually by the operator in a simple and easy way.
- two-stage high-performance heating units for the purge air with adjustable working temperature set point (max. 130 ° C) , with double temperature control by microprocessor with PID function and digital temperature display,
- Filtering unit for liquid amine complete with liquid shut-off valves upstream and downstream to prevent the inlet of rubbish into the metering pump,
- Control panel with Siemens S7 PLC and Siemens monochrome display with keyboard to change times and diagnostics with alarm display ,
- Max weight of the cores: 300 Kg ,
- Heater power : 15 Kwatt ,
- Installed power : 16 Kwatt ,
- Supply voltage : 400 volts AC ,
- Voltage on the auxiliary Volts/50 110 Hz ,
- Compressed air inlet 11/2 " ( press. Min 6 bar)
- Outlet (utilization): 11/4 "
- Multipole connectors for connection to the coreshooter control panel,
- Remote start and stopè pushbuttons for manual control,
- Suction pipe diameter 90 mm
- Extraction required: (300 Nm ³ / h )
- Dimensions : 900 mm x 900 mm x 2,000 mm .
- Net weight: 310 Kg

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