Distribution amine unit "CDA 500"

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The plant consists of an horizontal tank storage in stainless steel with a nominal capacity of 500 liters, with a watertight hatch for internal inspection, preparation for installation of internal cooling plates, outlet valves, vent and drain.
The plant is supplied complete with visible level indicator by stainless steel fittings and Pyrex tube, and is equipped with a special loading system which provides for the use of a pneumatic pump with its system of special support and counterweight to allow the operator to easily perform the transfer from the amine commercial drums.
The pneumatic pump is constructed of materials compatible with the amine (stainless steel and PTFE), and is supplied with compressed air treatment unit, pneumatic valve control lever operated manually by the operator and the flexible connection hoses between the pump and the amine tank.
The pump support with its counterweight is equipped with a drum inertizing system by nitrogen inlet at very low pressure.

- Total capacity of the plant: 500 liters.
- Maximum loading capacity of the plant: 300 liters (thus allows to obtain complete emptying of the 200 litres drum when into the amine tank there are still about  100 litres of amine.)
- Diameter with pipe withdrawal:     1 "gas,
- Diameter vent connection:      1 "gas,
- Diameter supply compressed air to power the pump:   1 / 4 "gas
- Required air pressure:       3 bar minimum,
- Minimum Required suction capacity:     300 Ncm / h
The plant is equipped with CE marking and declaration of conformity in the original

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