Corebelter "C22 AN"

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This machine is equipped with a hydraulic clamps with automatic recognition of the plates position.
This coreshooter is a machine for the production of cores with all cold-box processes that use the gassing operation to effect the cure of cores, and it's made with the following characteristics:
• the right side clamps is adjustable and remain mechanical fixed after the regulation, but the left side clamp unit with smart recognition system of the plate position move by an hydraulic proportional valve operated with electronic control.
• Evacuation cores belt with up and down facility, moved by hydraulic cilinder with smart recognition of position and bidirectional movement of the belt that allows the operator to place on the belt a foam pillow to form a sort of cradle for the extracted cores avoiding the inevitable distruptions that may occur in the present case of very delicate and complex cores.
• Hydraulic ejection unit with four chromium guides driving.
• The type of movement (unidirectional or bidirectional) of the tape can then be selected by the operator through a simple sequence of commands given to the machine via PC keyboard.
• Complete guarding with full perimeter access doors controlled by the safety switch.
• Gas generator integrated into the side of the cabinet (optional).
• The hydraulic unit is complete with an air / oil exchanger with this technical caracteristics: 4500 kcal / hour for a capacity of 40 liters / minute, the delta between the inlet oil temperature and coolant temperature (air environmental) of 25 ° C.
Control panel integrated into the closure, with operator keyboard supported by appropriate cantilever arm with Siemens S7 PLC, operating with display OP277 and software with multilingual features recipes that can be stored with the following options set:
• Information concerning the type of head shot-to-use (eyelet, hole or inserts).
• Indication of the type of insert to be used (for example, insert 11, etc. ..).
• Single shoot, or double, each with its own charging time,
• Loading frequency,
• Indication of the shooting pressure to use,
• Position of the moving plate clamps opened
• Position of the moving plate clamps closed,
• Position of the tape when the cores drops on the belt
• Position of the tape down,
• Gassing plate configuration,
• Gassing gassing,
• Purging time,
• Indication of the gassing pressure to use,
• Indication of the purging pressure to use,
• Number of blowing cicles,
• Frequency of application of the release agent,
• Loose pieces facility (on - off),
• Management of the core evacuation belt (step-by-step, unidirectional, bidirectional, etc),
• Management of the ejection system
The shooting system without internal sleeve adopted on this machine can work with low shooting pressures.
The machine is built in compliance with the standard European accident prevention, is provided with CE marking and is accompanied by declaration of conformity.

Shooting capacity (single shoot) Kg. 22 (*)
Shooting capacity (double shoot) Kg. 40 (*)
vibrating hopper capacity Kg. 100
hydraulic cilinder stroke up - down belt mm. 200
ejector stroke   mm. 20
dry cycle time  sec. 19
total power installed  Kwatt 11
driving force in voltage volt 400 trifase
auxiliary voltage  volt 110 AC
compressed air requirement 1” (min. 6 bar)
compressed air consumption each cycle Nlt 400
minimum extraction requirement Nmc/h  2500
overal dimensions length. mm. 4697
   width. mm. 1383
   heigth. mm. 3505
net weigth   Kg. 4600
(*) shooting capacity may decrease up to 50% in function of the core box configuration mainly in case of multi core core boxes

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